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  1. Reply jon Jun 11,2009 17:10

    I’m not going to watch this whole thing, but the first 20 seconds are enough to get the gist of it. I’ve had the examination in both forms. The Chevy Chase moon river way is tough because you’re anticipating it and just know it’s going to be misreable. You then tense up so bad that the doctor has to ask you to “help him out” by spreading your ass cheeks. Wait, that doesn’t happen to everyone? With the please roll over on your side technique, the doctor can fool the patient into thinking he’s checking something else, so that you roll over thinking you’re not going to get a hand up your ass and then WHAMMO, he’s in there. This way might end up ultimately being more painful, as it felt like he tunneled his way around in there for about 5 minutes until he checked my tonsils and then came back down, which took what felt like another 5 minutes. I was in shock and truly felt as though I had been violated. Dear Lord don’t ever let me go to prison.

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