A book that comes with instructions

My Amazon order of The Jedi Path was waiting for me when I returned home today. Share this:

Bowling with babes: If I had a few bucks to spare

If only I had $500-1000 burning a hole in my pocket I would LOVE this. If anyone wants to donate to charity and make me very happy, you could bid on this night of bowling with two of my favorite actresses, Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson. Unfortunately for me, Amanda is happily married and Sarah ...

Abu Ghraib in Lego

Abu Ghraib in Lego
Check out Legofesto’s Photostream. They’ve taken G20 and Abu Ghraib scenes and rendered them using Lego as their media. http://www.flickr.com/photos/legofesto/ Share this:

a woman?

John McCain has made a remarkable move in his choice of VeeP. He’s chosen a runner up in the 1984 Miss Alaska contest, Governor Sarah Palin. her energy policies look, ahem, interesting. we’ll see where this one goes. No Hillary, but a woman in the election regardless. Share this:

if oback barama loses this election 2

it will be beacuse of joe biden’s unnatural hair Share this:

48 States. 120 Hours.

How awesome would this be? http://greatamericanroadtrip.us/ I heard about this on NPR this morning. Very cool. Today, they’re my almost-heroes. It’s also a pointless waste of gas. Although it’s not as cool as the guys who went from NYC to Santa Monica, CA in 31 hours. Yup. 31 hours. http://www.wired.com/cars/coolwheels/magazine/15-11/ff_cannonballrun Share this:

jolly cholly 1

conman mentioned this place in a recent post, so i google’d it. not only did i find some ancient super 70s photos, i found some more recent ones of rocky point http://home.att.net/~d.bavaro/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html i miss rocky point. school trips there seemed awesome, and concerts in later years (de la soul in my jeep!) were still fun. ...

the alcove with mark molaro

if you’re interested in some very compelling interviews with eclectic, unpretentious and interesting guests, check out the alcove iwth mark molaro http://markmolaro.blip.tv/ jerome might like the gwendolyn wright interview where she talks about american houses (she’s also the history detectives lady) enjoy, or don’t. Share this:

Hannah Montana looks like a bag of rotten mushrooms

at the moment, she’s on the front page of cnn because scalpers are pricing out her core fans with outrageous prices. who’s buying these tickets? adults? i don’t think so. fathers brought their kids to see Britney back in the day (you remember the pre-trucker days, right?) so they could drool over britney. hannah montana? ...

i hate mimes 1

i hate mimes
i really do. i fear dying more than death and wish neither upon anyone, but i had to chuckle when i saw that marcel marceau had passed. the guy was a mime, which makes him my nemesis. along with clowns and midgets. but as mimes go, he went pretty well. he did the Mel Brooks ...