Full House 2


those are the olsen twins. almost naked. wearing little more than butterfly pasties.

thanks to Creamsicle which is a not-safe-for-work link and really is run by the nerdy kid from the Encyclopedia Britannica commercials.

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2 thoughts on “Full House

  1. Reply Jerome Mar 6,2007 11:35

    That’s gotta be a fake.

    I never understood the fascination with the Olsen twins. I understand the twin thing and all, but I think they’re kind of homely. I’d rather any two women from “the Class”, despite not thinking that any of them are over-the-top hot. Ooh, how about the two from that show where people are lost and the FBI finds them (Without a Trace)… that’s a pair that’ll beat a full house. Better than the Olsen twins.

  2. Reply J Oct 4,2008 16:19

    Yes Full House Sucked. These girls used it for all its worth. They are filthy rich. Good for them.

    Not the prettiest girls in Hollywood, but their breasts against their slender, petite frame are nothing less than spectacular. I want to see more. We can only hope that occasional perverse, drunken behavior will provide more for the internet.

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