I can't stop playing World of Warcraft 1

So, as a kid I was a real nerd. That explains why I’m still one as an adult. But back to the kid thing. I loved Dungeons and Dragons. More precisely I loved the idea of DnD. Just enough structure
to allow my imagination take over. I ate it up, but the dorks I knew as a kid couldn’t get their shit together enough to play the game well.
OK, there were a few of us were smart enough and had a sufficient creativity to make it worthwhile, but the older kids just didn’t get it. So it sucked more than it needed to.

And I love computers. I thought the first Wizardry was the sh!t. I really did.

Now, WoW really is the sh!t. Honestly, I understand the MMORPG thing and I’ve seen the future. I guess I’ve been screwing around with it for the last 5 weeks or so. But now I’m hooked.


Time to uninstall or find a self-fulfilling money-making venture.

Yes, I’m a complete dork.

This reflects a growing attraction to things like SecondLife, where people have more control over the virtual world than they’d find in the real one. They can break free from the monotonous lives and become something they’re not. It makes them feel that the playing field has been levelled. It hasn’t. People with extra cash in their entertainment budgets can pay to get increased levels or more gold, all handled by underpaid kids in Asia.

Regardless, I wish I could support the family by playing games all day.

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One comment on “I can't stop playing World of Warcraft

  1. Reply Brian Laferte Apr 19,2006 06:33

    Don’t waste your time with Warcraft. Dungeons and Dragons Online is out now (as of March) and you can crack open the old D&D books and follow along … they follow ‘a lot’ of the rules ….

    Warcraft … what a waste of your potential.

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