John McCain Ads 3

I’ve been running Google Adsense for a while, and I ocassionally get an ad for LEGO or for a video game console. That’s not surprising, because I like those things and I may have mentioned them.

Today I saw an ad for John McCain on the site. Perhaps there’s one now.

I’m not sure how it happened (there are a couple of things tagged as ‘politics’) on here, but there’s also a porn review site, et cetera. I can’t quite figure it out, but since McCain is lagging behind hugely in campaign contributions (due to his excellent record of capping contributions and of BLASTING traditional fundraising ethics) perhaps his team is spending more online than they might with a fatter warchest. And as a result, he’s targetting a wider spread of sites.

I know, you’re not supposed to talk about ads. It breaks the illusion of their contextual display. WTF. I’m voting for Bloomberg.

Well, everyone please click on the ads, no matter what they are. Each click earns me a few cents.

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3 thoughts on “John McCain Ads

  1. Reply j Jun 20,2007 09:28

    Now I seem to be getting them for Fred Thompson as well.

    My Fred Thompson experience is that he once nearly ran me over (while I was in a crosswalk) leaving Union Station in DC. He was in a big, beige Crown Vic driving like an idiot. It was him. I gave him the finger.

  2. Reply Jon Jun 20,2007 10:44

    Did you say you’re going to vote for Blomberg? Great, a Republican masquerading as an Independent who will take votes away from the Democratic nominee, thus subjecting us to another 4 years of Republican rule.

  3. Reply j Jun 20,2007 11:41

    Unfortunately, no. He’d make a great VP, as he’s an excellent administrator and we’ll need someone who can count higher than ‘ten fingers and ten toes’ after the clown we have today. But Bloomie is doing a nice job in NYC.

    But no, I won’t do anything to give the Reps any more leverage. There’s too much to fix after the last six years. Imagine what could have been done with this economy if we hadn’t been spending all this money in the middle east…

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