knight rider is the worst show ever 1

i loved the old show. hasselhoff was such a giant puff, but the show was cool in a CHiPs-cool kinda way.

this new thing is a piece of crap. writing is terrible. acting is worse. the premise still rocks, but it isn’t even like they’ve introduced cool technology or any cool twists

even KITT isn’t funny. but he can turn into other ford products. and they have retained the original theme song

for some reason i tivo’ed this. i watched it for ten minutes too long. i want that ten minutes of my life back.

here’s one example of why it sucks. they’re in the desert. wide open flat road. the heads-up display shows that on this dream road for fast driving they’re going 58mph. WTF? even my dead grandmother would be doing 70 or 80. you’d think the most advanced car on the planet would be breaking 100.


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One comment on “knight rider is the worst show ever

  1. Reply jon Oct 24,2008 16:01

    Some guys I knew in college who were 2 years behind me used to play Knight Rider drinking games. I recall playing once. I loved the show as a kid. When the Dukes of Hazard was popular I searched far and wide to find a General Lee matchbox. I finally found one at a drug store, but it was a bit disappointingbecause it wasn’t made by matchbox or hot wheels. Never found a KITT replica, though.

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