Monitor Musings 5

I’m considering upgrading the monitors in my home office. I spend 3-4 days a week working from home, so they get a fair amount of use. As you may know, my exotic work surface is a hollow core door from Home Depot painted candy apple red, resting on two height adjustable saw horses. It’s the best, biggest desk I’ve ever used. And it only cost about $34.

In the NY office, I’m blessed with my sweet Dell XPS M170 and her 17″ screen. That’s setup in a Kensington Notebook Stand, which makes the screen viewable at eye level. Additionally, I have a Dell 2001FP Monitor. This all makes for a nice, comfortable setup when I overlook Park Avenue and Grand Central Station. (at home I have a lovely view of a mountain, and just two days ago was watching a deer about 15 feet outside my window while I was on a conference call with London. I’m dreading the day they fire me!)

Back to the monitors:

At home, I only have two piddly Dell 1703FP screens. Hmph. Not very visually interesting, and not so useful. That dual processor HP workstation demands more.

So, I’m considering the Samsung 226BW and possible the ergotron arms to go with them. That should be a sweet setup, but nothing like that nine monitor setup (I had one of those SGI’s once) rig Hugh Jackman had in Swordfish.

Uninterestingly, I use the same model Saitek Eclipse II keyboard at home and in the office for consistent keystrokes.

So, is it really worth $600?

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5 thoughts on “Monitor Musings

  1. Reply Jon Jun 21,2007 09:36

    I’m guessing only Otto will respond to this geek post. You are a very impressive Computer man, I have to admit.

  2. Reply j Jun 21,2007 09:39

    well, this was also a test of inserting ads in my posts. i’ve made seven whole dollars so far from it!

  3. Reply Otto Jun 23,2007 06:09

    Why not treat your self to an apple cinema diplay?

  4. Reply j Jun 23,2007 09:51


    For $1800 I can but a 30-inch apple screen. Or I can save the money on branding and buy a good monitor (Dell 3000WFP) for $1200. Or even a Samsung 305T for $1400.

    For $899 I could buy the Apple 23-incher. Pwah! The whole setup here i’m thinking about is like two bills less than that.

    I love Apple’s OS, and their notebook design is very cool. But this faddy marketing, while great business, isn’t anything I want to feed into. I’ll likely own a a mac when leopard comes out. the geek in me just wished i could build the hardware myself.

    (really another test post, this is. i can’t seem to insert adverts into comments. 🙁 )

  5. Reply Otto Jun 26,2007 04:18

    I was kind of kidding. I am obliged, as your crazy apple friend to propose an apple solution at each possible opportunity

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