I can't stop playing World of Warcraft 1

So, as a kid I was a real nerd. That explains why I’m still one as an adult. But back to the kid thing. I loved Dungeons and Dragons. More precisely I loved the idea of DnD. Just enough structure to allow my imagination take over. I ate it up, but the dorks I knew ...

scramblyn.com has begun

i hope it turns into something Share this:

fulton street

just trying this out. i’m on my cingular 8125 while waiting in line at bank of america. let’s see if posting via email works on this perfect end of winter day. my nipples are erect with excitement! here we go… Share this:

SXSWi Was Excellent

SXSWi Was Excellent
The festival was the best technology gathering I’ve ever attended, at least in terms of discussing the social aspects of interacting with technology. Wonderful people. Great sessions. Rooms that were too small. And a fantastic venue in Austin. I can’t wait for next year. And the Red Bull House rocked! Share this: