Review: What Doesn't Kill You

What Doesn’t Kill You I hadn’t heard anything about this when it came out. I completely missed it coming to theaters. Equally, even though I grew up in New England I had never heard of this story (armored car robbery and apparently a bunch of press about it.) I’m a big fan of Mark Ruffalo, ...

Review: Valkyrie 1

Valkyrie It takes me a while to view films. As many of you know, I refuse to go to the cinema. I’m pretty happy with my home cinema setup, and believe that it provides a better way to see films than a crowded super-megaplex. (although I am a member at the jacob burns film center, ...

Space Toilets 1

Space Toilets
The ConMan provides regular tales of bowel movements and other related and unsavory events. As the geek who always wore a NASA hat in elementary school, I thought I’d add my twist on Connie’s favorite subject: scat. While trawling the blogosphere this morning I discovered a relatively interesting series of posts by Astronaut Leroy Chiao ...

Dumpster Swimming Pools

Dumpster Swimming Pools
Filed under the “I Wish I Had More Time” category, I would love to create a dumpster hot tub. Can you imagine walking outside your apartment to see your neighbor swimming in one of these? Awesome. Make Magazine Share this:

Goodbye to Captain Chaos

Goodbye to Captain Chaos
RIP Dom DeLuise. I can’t believe that guy was married. But I really loved watching him and Reynolds crack up in the Cannonball Run outtakes. Share this:

Abu Ghraib in Lego

Abu Ghraib in Lego
Check out Legofesto’s Photostream. They’ve taken G20 and Abu Ghraib scenes and rendered them using Lego as their media. Share this:

Sexy Cinco de Mayo Mexican Models 1

Sexy Cinco de Mayo Mexican Models
enjoy and Rock out with your guac out! Share this:

May the 4th be with You

Happy Star Wars Day! Share this:

Review: City of Ember

City of Ember I don’t generally watch films that aren’t rated R, and I watch kids movies even less frequently. But this one was exceptional. A surprising cast (Bill Murray, Tim Robbins, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Mackenzie Crook, Martin Landau) and a story I hadn’t heard mention of before made for a very pleasant flick. Cut from ...

Review: Pride and Glory

Pride and Glory Edward Norton jumped the shark with this one. His acting is strained and lacks any real emotional depth. Colin Farrell is his usual douchebag self (which comes naturally to him, I’m sure.) It’s a basic cop story. A good cop, a bad cop, some drunks, some killing. It’s disappointing that they couldn’t ...