siig versus camelbak 2

i like water bottles. i always have. i imagine it’s because i wasn’t bottle-fed early enought / too early.

i blame my mother.

from my days at the capri sun juice drinks through the yellow bottle on my trek 930 to my dotcom specialized water bottle, i love em. there’s something about water bottle that i really enjoy.

part of my drinking problem is due to this habit i have of drinking anything in a bottle carried in my right hand. put a beer in my hand, i’m drinking it. cans, not so much. bottles, yes.

that habit helps to ensure that i drink enough water each day. sometimes waaay too much water

and the geek in me likes new water bottle designs. i enjoy bike bottles that fit well into the cage and slip out easily (but not too easily as to pop out on a bump or a curb). specialized had good bottles for that.

a few months ago, L bought me an awesome SIIG bottle in switzerland. these bottles are aluminum and make a great sound when plinked. it feels good to hold on to a siig. it just feels cool. mine’s black with a very cool flip top and a bizarre spring loaded mouthpiece. it works well.

camelbaklast week at south by southwest, i was given a camelbak ‘better bottle’ in one of the sessions. this is awesome. it has a cool ‘bite valve’ and manages to not leak via a one-way valve for incoming air pressure. it’s a very satisfying experience to sip on it, versus the tip and drink method of the SIIG and other traditional bottles.

it’s my new favorite thing.

i’m off to refill it for the fifth time today.

i like water bottles.

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2 thoughts on “siig versus camelbak

  1. Reply goats Apr 1,2008 15:04

    What would you, the WBG (Water Bottle Guru), recommend for dek hockey? I now have a helmet with a half-shield, so keep that in mind. I’ll post a pic once the number decals I have ordered come in.

  2. Reply j Apr 1,2008 15:44

    with that half shield, you’ll never be able to sip properly from a bottle. if you couldn’t i’d send to buy the camelbak in a heartbeat.

    you’ll need a straw.

    or a sippy cup

    or get a traditional camelbak system and take sips while you play. that would be excellent!

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