Test image posting for Goats 1

I was asked by the Glennis how to post an image as a thumbnail linked to a larger image. That should dramatically decrease the load time on his Gauthier Manor entry from a few weeks back.

Create a new post throught the “Write Post” link. Below the post itself, Upload a file. That flips you to the Browse tab. Click on the image (Left, normal, mouse button) and select Using Thumbnail (and when you select Using Thumbnail, the text will change to Using Original. Make sure it’s set to what you want to use)

Then select either Not Linked or Linked to Image. If it’s not linked, you’ll be working with just the thumbnail (or original). If it is linked, when a user clicks on the thumbnail, it will pull up the original.

After you get all your options correct (Using Thumbnail and Linked to Image I assume to be what you’d want to use in this scenario) just click Send to Editor.

17judit1.jpgBam! Your thumbnail appears in your post. You can move it around as you like by clicking and dragging it. For some advanced options, click on it (a box with little drag points on the corners will show up) then click on the little icon of a tree (or press Alt-M) above the area where you type your post. That offers some alignment options, like right align (which i used for my Red Auerbach image)

You can test your changes by clicking Save and Continue Editing below the post area. At the bottom of the page you’ll see a preview of your post. (you can always go back to edit your posts through the Manage tab in your little admin window)

Annoyingly, I can’t figure out how to create a thumbnail for large images. it only works for smaller ones. I’m going to look into that now. Stay tuned…


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One comment on “Test image posting for Goats

  1. Reply admin Nov 7,2006 10:37

    Fixed it. You should be able to have thumbnails autogenerated for large files. Enjoy…

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