the worst thing to happen to me in 09 (so far!) 1

It snowed yesterday. I shoveled the driveway around 1030am. As I was shoveling, the snow turned to icy rain then freezing rain.

This morning was recycle morning. The trash service picks up cans, plastic and glass.

Last night the plow hit my two big buckets of recycling.

The collision caused many bottles to break.

They broke in the narrow space I left for the car to pass in the morning.

Throughout the night water collected around the shards of glass and broen bottles. That water froze.

This morning as I slid down the steep drive along sheets of black (african american) ice I saw the spilled recycling container. And the broken glass.

I stopped short in a snow pile.

As I walked the the spill and dangerous ice / glass cement I fell on my bottom.

I used a screwdriver and ice scraper to break some of the glass free so the car and I could pass.

I fell again. Then once again.

Wearing a suit and thin leather shoes. At 615. Before the sun could help me.

It was certainly comical. I wore no gloves

And bled

I drove away and wonder how much glass remains tonight and if I will puncture a tire. Or if I don’t have a puncture, if I can make it up the icy hill.

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One comment on “the worst thing to happen to me in 09 (so far!)

  1. Reply jon Feb 2,2009 11:57

    I wish I could have seen that!

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