Blood on the Highway 4

God! I loved those driving school movies.

I can’t believe Labonte’s Driving School is still in business.

So, do I remember anything from driving school? Velocitizing. Highway hypnosis. And if you ever lose your brakes, sideswipe parked cars to slow down.

That’s what this man taught me.

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4 thoughts on “Blood on the Highway

  1. Reply Otto Feb 26,2007 05:11

    I learned to drive by watching you Jay. Ahh, memories.

    I remember one lesson in particular, where after teaching me some mall parking you and how to dent your left front side, you told me:

    “Do you know how hard it is to get hit on this side?”, while attempting to get another car to do just that.

    You where however a step up from my previous instuctor, Mr. Gauthier, who’s lessons on proper parking break usage grew tedious.

  2. Reply jon Feb 26,2007 12:26

    What language was O’s post? ; – )

    All I remember from Labonte’s were the drives to and fro, when Terry’s very old grandfather would pick up Glen and me and proceed to slowly smoke one unfiltered cigarette for the entire ride with all of the windows rolled up. Those rides probably took a few months off my life.
    Oh yeah, there was also a kid in our class who Glen called “Captain Eyebrows”.
    Good times.

  3. Reply Otto Feb 26,2007 18:23

    Understandable, you where not present when Jay, Shaun and I had the worst prom night ever, or when glen and I put the hell vette into the tree.

  4. Reply Jerome Mar 6,2007 11:44

    The Hell Vette was hit with a baseball bat while parked in the student parking lot. There was no tree. That’s a conspiracy theory.

    My best driving school story: get in the car first time, woman explains the instrument panel to me. I’d driven before, so I ignored her. Next thing I know, she’s filling out paperwork and I can’t get the car up to 25 on Mendon Road. Little did I know that they put tachometers in automatics (Why?). I must have been doing 80 past Plaza Village in a green Mercury Sable. She never noticed.

    Though not from Labonte’s (I took driver’s ed at WHS), I do remember velocitizing, highway hypnosis, and that all car crashes are accidents (unless you’re Jay, I guess), so we don’t call them accidents, we call them collisions. And I’m still pissed at the road test guy for taking off three points (my only deduction) for traffic – there wasn’t another car on the road. What? You want me to call in reinforcements for traffic so I can get a perfect score? Bastard! I did’t even flinch when you threw on the windshield washers and the wipers – and I still don’t know how you did it from the passenger’s seat.

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