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so, i’ve loved my HP 8710w mobile workstation (a boring name for a notebook computer). i’ve had it since the beginning of the year, and it chugs along very well. it’s heavy, but powerful (just like me). photoshop, premier, video playback, visual studio, vmware, they all chug along nicely. it’s a good laptop, and i love the 17″ screen.

but it really does break my back in airports

knowing that i’ve got some travel coming up, i ordered one of the new 15″ macbook pros. yes, O, i now own my first mac. i’ve had an iphone since the 3g version came out, and i’ve generally liked it. now, i mainly use it for music, as i’m rocking a nokia e71 which i luv

my favorite thing, in the two days i’ve had it, is just how light it is. compared the old old girl, it weighs nothing.

so far, i’ve gotten Spore running on it, and a vmware install with Vista and Ubuntu. both installed quickly and easily. and spore runs like a champ (that’ll keep me entertained on the redeye tonight)

i like it. the magsafe power is cool. i like the keyboard backlighting a lot. the OS is good, but still a little crude.

i hate that i cannot stop it from going to sleep when i shut the lid. that’s my biggest peeve. and that the screen is so damned shiny.

garageband might be the coolest application i’ve ever seen. once you install the 1gb of extra sound files, you can create music using just about any musical instrument imaginable. and Spaces is cool- it’s been in unix and linux forever, why hasn’t microsoft caught on?!

and the multitouch touchpad rocks. you can use up to four fingers for a whole slew of multitouch gestures which do different things, like rearrage windows, scroll and zoom. sexy.

i’ll know more after the flight. wish list:

microsoft visio and project
entourage support for .pst files
more time to figure out the keyboard shortcuts
decent screen resulotion. this thing only has 900 lines of screen resolution- what’s up with that?! with the new graphics processors, i expected something better. that means it doesn’t even do 1080p. strange…

so, i’m a mac user. i’m not a macos user, though. i will continue to live in the windows world for certain apps. but i do like how fast this puppy is

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One comment on “don't flame me, O

  1. Reply otto Nov 2,2008 23:35

    I’m writing this from my new Arch linux install on my HP laptop 🙂
    Whatever does the job for you man.

    The wife and i where in the apple store today, checking out some gestures supported by the new mbp pads – pretty nice.

    Spaces- i use space 2 for vmware fusion, and having that full screen and using cmd ( apple key ) arror to get around is better than linux. As a matter of fact, i don’t go full screen with linux as the host operating system with vmware server because it fucks up the key mapping in linux ( you just loose all your mod keys is all wtf ).

    Good luck.

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