one coin, one play. or "warrior, you're pushing me" 7

the conman maintains that this happened at brunswick, and there’s a chance that’s true, though i’m pretty sure this event happened at roller kingdom.

regardless, i have a new toy. it’s a full size arcade cabinet running MAME, the arcade simulator. that means that just about every arcade game we played as kids can be played on this puppy. for zero quarters. (you can, of course, put quarters in if you’d like. please)

it still needs some artwork (lots of artwork), and i might get a better control board with a wheel so i can play things like centipede and golden tee. but this is my latest project.

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7 thoughts on “one coin, one play. or "warrior, you're pushing me"

  1. Reply Jerome Oct 21,2008 21:58

    can four of us play at the same time?
    “Valkyre, your life force is running out.”

  2. Reply j Oct 21,2008 22:03

    unfortunately, it only has the two player console at the moment. as i said, i’m thinking about getting one with a trackball and considering a joystick– i always loved Tron and Star Wars at the arcade, but they were too expensive

  3. Reply jon Oct 22,2008 16:02

    That’s awesome. Damn, I wish we could definitively resolve whether it was Roller Kingdom or Brunswick. ..

  4. Reply jon Oct 24,2008 15:49

    It’s official. Over a couple of beers last night Glen and I both described the same spot where the game was loctated in the Brunswick bowling alley. It was on the wall , directly across from where that primitive karate game and the hockey game with the arial view were. Coming from the bowling alley into the gaming area, it would be the first wall on your right. Roller kingdom did not have this game. RK had that rolling marble game, and paperboy, and pole position.
    It must have been me, G, and you, along with the guy who was being pushed by the warrior.
    Anyone remember the G$ story related to Brunswick? Was he seen there by a Mrs. G co-worker, and then banned, or was he banned, and then broke the ban and was ratted out by a Mrs. G co-worker?

  5. Reply j Oct 24,2008 16:19

    ok. i concede. i did have a faint memory of it being in brunswick. that memory had it exactly where you described it, so i have to trust that this was, in fact, a brunswick event.

    i remember going there with eric l. a few times. it must have been a heck of a trek to get back to the other side of town from there when we were kids.

    anyway, no, i don’t remember G$ being banned from there. with all the cruds, we all should have been banned.

    i’ve checked. the warrior can not push another player.

  6. Reply jon Oct 27,2008 11:17

    Glad you came around! Regardless of whether it’s possible in the game, “you’re pushing me warrior” is a phrase I now occasionally use with the Mrs. when she’s getting on my nerves or asking me to do something I don’t want to do, like take out the trash.

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