Windows Dreamscene Content 2

I’m loving the Windows Vista DreamScene Ultimate Extra video background. I’m sure someone will tell me that Macs had it for years, but it’s just another component that makes Vista a pleasure to use despite being mandatory for getting real work accomplished.

This is one of a few places where I’ve found anything to run in the background.

WMV HD Content Showcase mentions content producers for this. I don’t know who any. Anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Windows Dreamscene Content

  1. Reply Otto Feb 16,2007 06:05

    I’m avoiding upgrading to Vista right now.

    1. Visual Studio doesn’t even work right on it
    2. Otto wants to run ipconfig /release, are you sure?
    3. I have 500000 lines of java applet code – Where are you sticking my jar files? no really I can’t find them
    4. I don’t use directx in my day to day, why would I want vista?
    5. It _IS_ very mac like, kind of creeps me out
    6. Technically, GE just started supporting XP on our machines, and if you have IE 7 on it you get bombarded with network emails saying your machine is unpatched.
    7. Still looking for the “How to setup vista if you know what you are doing and don’t want to hate hate hate hate it” guide.
    8. Yankees suck

  2. Reply Otto Feb 16,2007 06:06

    btw. read my new post

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